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How do I prevent spam calls?
How do I prevent spam calls?
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To prevent spam calls on an iPhone, you can silence unknown numbers. This means that withheld numbers and numbers which aren't in your contacts (apart from numbers that you've tried to call recently) will all go straight to voicemail. These blocked calls will still be shown on your recent calls list. To silence unknown numbers on an iPhone:

  1. Go to your Settings app

  2. Tap on Phone

  3. Go to Silence Unknown Callers

  4. Toggle Silence Unknown Callers to be on

Android devices

There are two ways to stop spam calls on Android devices.

To filter out spam calls:

  1. Open the Phone app

  2. Tap on the three dots in the top right hand corner

  3. Tap on Settings

  4. Go to Spam and Call Screen

  5. Turn on Caller ID and spam protection

  6. Optional: Tap Block numbers and turn on Block spam and scam calls (Note: You won't get missed call or voicemail notifications from these calls which have been filtered, but you'll still be able to see them in your call history and voicemail.)

To stop calls from withheld and unknown numbers:

  • Open your Phone app

  • Tap on the three dots in the top right hand corner

  • Tap Settings

  • Tap Blocked numbers

  • Turn on Unknown

Reporting spam calls

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