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Does Honest sell phones?
Does Honest sell phones?

Refurbished handsets and Fairphones

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At Honest, we're always thinking about ways we can reduce the carbon footprint of our phones. That's why we encourage our members to keep their phone for as long as possible.

Refurbished phones

If you're looking to buy a new phone we recommend checking out Backmarket for some awesome refurbished options. You can also check out Raylo where you can lease a refurbished phone. If you use this link for Raylo you'll get £25 in Amazon vouchers when you check out.


What is a Fairphone?

Fairphone is the world's most sustainable smartphone. You can read more about Fairphone and check out the Fairphones that we sell here.

How long does it take for a Fairphone to arrive?

If you order a Fairphone from us before 5pm on a working weekday your phone should arrive the next working day. However, this does depend slightly on the stock Fairphone have available for us!

Do you do phone and SIM contracts?

We don't do phone and SIM contracts. Your Fairphone must be bought up front at once.

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