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How do I refer a friend to Honest?
How do I refer a friend to Honest?
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Can I refer friends to Honest?

Absolutely, you can refer friends to Honest! We really appreciate it when you tell people about Honest. In fact, we appreciate it so much that we'll give both you and your friend a month free each when they set up their SIM.

What do I get for referring friends to Honest?

One month free for you, one month free for whoever you send our way. It’s as simple as that.

How do I refer friends to Honest?

  1. Head to the perks section of the Honest app to find your referral code. If you'd like, you can change your referral code.

  2. Share your referral code with friends and family on socials, via text, wherever you like! Let your friends know they get a free month when they use your code at checkout.

  3. As a thank, you we’ll automatically add a free month to your account when they set up their SIM 👊

Do I still need to pay to activate my SIM if I've been referred?

Yes, you'll still need to pay to activate your SIM even if you've been referred. There are a couple reasons for this.

Firstly, it means that we can give you a whole month free rather than a part month. Since we bill in calendar months, it means that your first month will always be a part month. Your original payment gets pro-rated for the days that your SIM is active in the month and the extra will sit as credit on your account and will go towards your next bill after your free month. For example, let's say you join the Unlimited plan on the 15th Feb:

  1. 15th Feb - Pay £25 for a month up front when you activate your SIM

  2. 5th March - Receive your monthly bill which shows that £12.50 of your credit was used in Feb. There is no charge for March up front since you were referred.

  3. 5th April - Receive your monthly bill in which you're paying for April up front. April should be £25, but you still have £12.50 credit leftover from your original payment so you only need to pay £12.50 to get you to the end of April.

  4. 5th May - Receive your monthly bill where you need to pay £25 up front for May.

The other reason that we charge you to activate your card is that it means that we can collect your card details to be used on future monthly payments.

Any questions?

We're here to help! Send us a message via the help section of the Honest app. Someone will be with you in seconds 🏃

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