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Why isn't WiFi Calling working?
Why isn't WiFi Calling working?

Troubleshoot why your WiFi calling isn't working.

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Sorry you're having trouble with WiFi calling. It's automatically enabled on all Honest SIMs so it should work automatically but here are a few things we can try to get it working:

  1. If you're outside of the UK, I'm afraid WiFi calling on works while you're in the UK. Sorry!

  2. To use WiFi calling, you need to have a WiFi Calling compatible phone. Please check your phone's specs to see whether it supports WiFi calling.

  3. We need to make sure your phone's data (APN) settings are correct:

    1. If you're using an iPhone, follow these instructions:

      1. Open the Settings App on your iPhone

      2. Click on Mobile Data

      3. Click on Mobile Data Network

      4. Make sure the top line called APN says gamma (if it says please delete that and enter gamma)

      5. Turn your phone off and on again

    2. If you're using an Android, follow these instructions:

      1. Tap Settings

      2. Tap 'Network and Internet' (depending on the handset, the name may vary slightly). If you can't find 'Network and Internet', use the search icon and search for Mobile Network

      3. Tap Mobile Network

      4. Tap Advanced

      5. Tap Access Point Names

      6. Tap Add on top right (the plus icon)

      7. Set the name as Honest and the APN as gamma and leave everything else blank

      8. Click the three dots in the top corner and 'Save'

      9. Tap the dot next to the row that says 'Honest' to activate your APN

      10. Turn your phone off and on again

  4. Please make sure WiFi Calling is turned on in your phone settings.

  5. Please make sure your phone is using the latest software available.

  6. If WiFi calling still isn't working, you may need to try a factory reset. Please make sure your phone is backed up before your do this to avoid losing any data. Get in touch with us before you do this to see if there's anything that we can do to help!

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