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How to activate your SIM
How to activate your SIM

A step by step guide to activating your SIM

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Here are some helpful tips on how to get your SIM set up. If you need a hand, just send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you out.

  1. Download the app

  2. Log in with your email address. You need to use the same email address that you used to order your SIM. If you can’t remember, please check your order confirmation email.

  3. Enter the last 4 numbers on the back of your SIM. If it's not letting you activate, please check that you used the same email address as the one that you used to order your SIM.

  4. Schedule your number transfer or choose a new number

    1. Transfer your number:

      If you’re transferring your number to honest, you’ll need to get your PAC code from your current network. You can get your PAC by texting ‘PAC’ to 65075 – it’s free and you get your PAC in 60 seconds.

      Once you have your PAC code , enter it in the app and select the day that your want your number to switch across to honest.

      Using your PAC will automatically cancel your contract with your current network.

    2. Choose a new number:

      If you’d like a new number, you can choose a new number instead.

  5. Confirm your plan. If you’ve changed your mind since you ordered your SIM you can change your plan here.

  6. Turn on World Travel

    World travel lets you roam outside the UK and EU. You can turn it on and off at any point in the app. Roaming in the EU is free and always turned on.

  7. Set your bill cap. Set your bill cap to avoid unexpected charges. You won’t be charged any more than the cost of your plan plus your bill cap.

    If you set your bill cap as £0, you won’t be able to make any chargeable calls (premium or international numbers) or send picture messages.

    You can change your bill cap anytime in the app.

  8. Pay for your first month. If you haven’t already paid for your first month, enter your card details. Your first month only starts when you activate your SIM. If you activate half way through the month then you’ll have paid for 15 days or so that you didn’t use. So we pro rate those 15 days and instead of refunding you that money we apply it to your next month’s bill. So your next bill is 15 days less.

  9. Confirm your details. Double check your details and activate your SIM 🥳

  10. Insert your SIM

    1. Transferring your number:

      If you’re transferring your number to honest, wait for your old SIM to stop working on your transfer day, and then pop in your new honest SIM. Your number will switch across between 8am and 6pm. It’s normally pretty instant but can occasionally take a little longer.

      If you’re transferring your number, you can use your honest SIM straight away but your SIM will have a temporary number until your number transfers across.

    2. New number:

      If you’ve just got a new number, insert your SIM now 👍

  11. Check your data settings. Your Honest SIM should automatically have the right data settings but sometimes you need to set them up. It only takes a second! You’ll need to follow different instructions depending on what phone you’re using.

    1. iPhone

      1. Open the Settings App on your iPhone

      2. Click on Mobile Data

      3. Click on Mobile Data Network

      4. Make sure the top line called APN says gamma (if it says please delete that and enter gamma)

      5. Turn your phone off and on again

    2. Android

      1. Tap Settings

      2. Tap 'Network and Internet' (depending on the handset, the name may vary slightly). If you can't find 'Network and Internet', use the search icon and search for Mobile Network

      3. Tap Mobile Network

      4. Tap Advanced

      5. Tap Access Point Names

      6. Tap Add on top right (the plus icon)

      7. Set the name as Honest and the APN as gamma and leave everything else blank

      8. Click the three dots in the top corner and 'Save'

      9. Tap the dot next to the row that says 'Honest' to activate your APN

      10. Turn your phone off and on again

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