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Can I keep my number and join Honest?
Can I keep my number and join Honest?

Yes! You can keep your current number and join Honest Mobile.

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Yes! You can absolutely keep your number when you join Honest.

To transfer your number you’ll need a PAC (porting authorisation code) from your current mobile network. To get one text PAC to 65075 – it’s free. You should have the code within 60 seconds and it will be three letters followed by six numbers – ABC123456.

Once your SIM arrives enter your PAC in the Honest Mobile app as part of the set up process – and choose the day you’d like your number to transfer. It has to be a working weekday, and can normally happen the next day as long as you provide your transfer details before 5:30pm.

On the day of your transfer we’ll send you a reminder it’s happening. At some point during the day, your old SIM will stop working and your new Honest Mobile SIM will start working with your new number.

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