We have three data plans - 4GB, 10GB and unlimited. They all include unlimited calls and texts, as well as free EU roaming, built-in WiFi calling and so much more! You can see our pricing for each plan here: https://honestmobile.co.uk/plans/.

All our plans are flexible so you can switch plan at any point if you need more data in a month, and you can switch to a cheaper plan any time after 30 days. At the end of the month we'll let you know whether you should switch to a cheaper plan to save money. Our awesome loyalty discount also means your bill gets cheaper every month. You can read more about all our awesome features here.

We're a SIM-only network. So we don't offer SIM and phone bundles. If you want to pay monthly to lease a phone we recommend Raylo. You can find their website here. If you're looking to buy a sustainable phone you can find our top picks here.

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