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How does Honest's loyalty discount work?
How does Honest's loyalty discount work?

With Honest your bill gets cheaper every month, automatically!

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Unlike other mobile networks who take advantage of their long-term customers, we think you should be rewarded for your loyalty.

That's why your bill gets a little bit cheaper every month you stay with us! 🤩

How does Honest’s loyalty discount work?

Your loyalty discount increases each month, a total of 5% each year, capped at a maximum of 30%.

Can I keep my discount if I switch plan?

You can keep your loyalty discount when you switch to a bigger or smaller plan – and it will even apply to any new plans that you switch to that we introduce in the future.

Does my loyalty discount apply to all my SIMs if I have more than one?

No, each SIM has it's own loyalty discount which increases separately.

Does my loyalty discount apply to usage outside my plan?

Your loyalty discount only applies to your core plan and doesn’t apply to any bolt-ons or premium charges such as international calls or calling premium numbers.

Do Honest’s prices still increase with inflation?

Nope, your bill just goes down as your loyalty discount increases! 👌

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