When you turn your phone on for the first time with your new Honest SIM card installed you will receive a text message with the settings to activate data on your handset. Wording will vary by phone but click "Accept" or similar when they arrive.

Dual SIM

For dual sim users if you have issues with data, try removing the sim and inserting into the second slot of the dual sim compartment and restarting the device. 

Semi-Manual Setup

If you don't get your settings automatically, text 'DATA' to 773000 (it's free) to have the settings sent to your device.

Manual Setup

If the two approaches above have failed, you can manually enter your settings by following the bullet points: 

  • Tap on settings

  • Tap Connections (depends on the handset, the name can vary)

  • If you can't find Connections, use the search icon and search for Mobile network.

  • Tap Mobile networks

  • Tap Access Point Names

  • Tap the existing provider, on the top right, hit the icon (3 dots) and press discard. Go back to the Access Point Names

  • Tap Add on top right 

Below are the fields which will have to be filled in with the information provided: 

  1. Name: Gamma

  2. APN:

  3. Username: *leave blank*

  4. Password: *leave blank*

  5. MMSC:

  6. MMS Proxy:

  7. MMS port: 80

  8. Authentication type: <blank> (If forced to enter, they can be PAP or CHAP or both)

  9. APN type: If given a choice, select internet+mms, if the keyboard appears enter default,suppl,MMS

  10. Click save

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