How will I be billed?

When will I be billed? How do I pay? What happens if I change plan?

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Honest Mobile keeps things simple so we bill you based on calendar months. That means you have one bill covering the first to the last day of each month.

When will I receive my bill each month?

We'll send you your bill early in the month each month (around the 5th of the month or the nearest working day) for your records and we'll also add it to your account in the app.

Joining Honest Mobile and your first bills

When you join us you pay for a month up front, so if you join the Unlimited plan on 15th Feb you'd pay us £25. This will cover the remainder of your February period, and then we'll put the rest towards your March bill like this:

  • 15th Feb - pay £25 to join the Unlimited plan

  • 15th Feb - receive an invoice for £25 for your up front payment

  • 4th March - receive invoice for February showing a £12.50 charge and £12.50 credited for March so there's £12.50 to pay for March via card or Direct Debit

  • 4th April - receive invoice for March showing a £25 charge and £25 credited, with £25 due to be paid for April via card or Direct Direct

Note - this ignores our loyalty discount! Your bill will actually fall a little bit each month as a thank you from us to you.

What if I change plan?

If you change plan you'll receive a pro-rata charge for the month. If you started on the Unlimited plan for £25 and switched in the middle of the month to the 10GB plan for £17.50 you'd receive a bill for £21.25 at the end of the month, and then your following bill would be for £17.50.

Where can I find my bills?

You can find your bills in the Honest Mobile app by going to My Account > My Bills and Usage. We'll also send all your bills to your account email address.

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