If you've just joined Honest Mobile, or switched your allowance in the middle of the month your allowance will show a pro rata allocation until your next bill refresh. You will only pay a reflected pro-rated amount for the first month.

Example #1 - New Customer

If you join Honest on 16 Mar 2020 on the 10GB plan, your allowance would show you as having 5GB remaining for the month as you joined exactly half way through the month. On 01 April 2020, your bundle will refresh to show 10GB allowance for the first full month of your contract.

Example #2 - Switching Plan

If you switch from our 10GB plan to the 40GB plan in the middle of the month, your remaining bundle for the month will show as 25GB and we'll only be billing you pro-rata for the remainder of the month. When the next month starts, your bundle will show as 40GB and you'll be billed for a full month of your 40GB plan.

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