To transfer your number to Honest you will need a PAC code. Once you have your PAC code you can provide it to us and choose your transfer date either during the activation process or later on through the app.

Transferring your number using the app

By clicking on 'Manage Account' and then choosing the 'Transfer your Number to Honest Mobile' option. You will then need to give us your current phone number, your PAC code and the date you'd like your transfer to take place. Please note that your PAC code is only valid for 30 days.

Transfers can only take place Monday to Friday and won't happen on a Bank Holiday either. As long as you provide your request by 6pm, we can transfer your number the next working day or you can choose any other day prior to the expiry of your PAC code.

On the day you choose to transfer generally it’s instant but in some cases there can be a couple of hours where your phone might be without service - it’s less than 1% of cases - but good to bear in mind when choosing which day you would like to transfer your number over.

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