1. What we have 😎

At Honest Mobile you can choose from our three different core subscriptions. Each subscription is a 30 day rolling contract and you can upgrade to a higher subscription any time or downgrade to a cheaper subscription starting from the following month.

2. Discounts we offer 🤩
Your loyalty discount increases each month by 5% a year and then is capped at 30%.

3. What do you get 🧐
The prices vary depending on the data you choice, we have 4GB/10GB/40GB for £15/£20/£25 and all the subscriptions include: 

  • Unlimited calls and texts to standard UK numbers from the UK and EU

  • Tethering

  • EU roaming

4. Honest Mobile App 📲
You need to download our App to activate the sim and the app also offers features such as:

  • Checking your data balance

  • Checking your monthly bill

  • Checking or changing your bill cap

  • Monitoring your loyalty discount!

  • Transferring your number to Honest Mobile (optional).

  • Updating your direct debit

5. You are in Charge 😁
You can switch data from 4GB to 10GB to 40GB whenever you like. You don't need to call us and cancel your contract, no need to stay in a queue and listen to horrible music. You can just go on our App and just tap 'Leave Honest', a 30-day period is given before your account is terminated from our systems, that is goodbye forever, sadly.

For more information see our pricing page or get in touch using the instant chat and we'll be more than happy to help 👍

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